Lifestylist Advisory: Free Resources to Plan Your Vacation

The internet has made it so easy to research and book vacations, you really don't need the services of a paid professional to plan the trip of your dreams. For those of you who are occasional travelers, here are a few sites that I go to before I make any decisions. Prices are changing constantly so I usually a couple of them before I make a decision.
Travelocity I have an admission to make - I'm in love with a gnome. The Travelocity Gnome came to visit Savor Dallas this year and I had the best time showing him around. He really is a fun little guy, and the Travelocity site and services that he represents live up to his reputation.
If you are looking for packages, a place to be able to compare what different companies offer or just need some great advice, Travelocity is the site for you.  More often than not Travelocity finds me the best pricing for cars and hotels, and their package pricing can't be beat.
Southwest Airlines If Southwest flies to where you want to go you are lucky indeed. This no frills, practical airline gets you to where you want to go with a minimum of wasted time sitting in airports and in lines, and they are also one of the few airlines that doesn't charge an additional fee for luggage! Actually what's funny is that they started as a no frills airline but with all of the changes and added expenses many of the airlines charge now, you get a lot more for your money with Southwest. The employees of Southwest actually seem to love their jobs and because of this flying with them is a pleasant experience. They get you on the plane and serve you the beverage and a snack of your choice in record time.  Their rewards program is uncomplicated, and they offer great travel packages to most of the areas they travel to.
I've got a lot more resources to share with you, but this will give you a place to start. We love to hear about your experiences, and what you are looking for when you are researching the perfect event or travel site. Please feel free to contact us at: and let us know how we can be of assistance.

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