Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber advises you on where to have a fantastic customer experience, and where you might want to avoid. As a lifestyle expert she can tell you where to go to have the time of your life!

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Getting Inspired by Your Surroundings

When I work on a model home, my first priority is bringing the outside in - what's going to make the buyer feel like what he experienced before he walked into the model continues into his model experience?
My son just gave me the perfect example - he is buying a new home in Florida, and was troubled after seeing the new model home because they didn't like the colors or feel of the home after it was merchandised. It bothered them so much they actually considered canceling the sale. The colors and the lack of lifestyle felt like they could have been in any city in any community, but it didn't have the warmth that they anticipated their home would have.
At Lifestylist® Design we focus on lifestyle, and what they buyer hopes to experience in his new life in your new home. We just finished doing a Lifestylist® Designed home for @home Builders in Baldwinsville, NY and I thought I'd share the thought process on how we came up with this home.
Timber Banks is a new incredible planned community near Syracuse, NY that features an 18 hole, Nicklaus designed golf course, river frontage with it's own marina, clubhouse, and a stunning, natural beauty all around you that you can call home. It seemed only natural that I would bring this lifestyle and the colors I saw all around me into the design of the model. We went with some of the foggy greys, clear blue sky, river rocks and eco-greens that we discovered on our walks and as a result when you are in the home it truly pulls the outside in.  Plan a visit to the Timbers yourself and see what we accomplished - contact Teresa Carpenter with @home Builders for more information at:  315-635- 6006.

Enviro-goodness: Boxal let's you Enjoy the Perfect Picnic

You never know where you will find a really cool new product or inspiration, and last week when I attended 'til Midnight at the Nasher Sculpture Center I was thrilled to discover the Boxsal. What the heck is a Boxal you ask? Excellent question! It's a great, green, creative way to pack up a picnic to enjoy at your favorite spot. Made entirely from recyclable materials, the Boxal includes cutlery, plates, bowls, napkins and glasses for four. Also included is a compostable trash bag so you can dispose of your items properly but you might want to keep the very stylish Boxal picnic box to use for your next picnic or any other use that you imagine. Boxals have three distinctive boxes that you can choose from, but my favorite is the Today's Date box. Reminiscent of a paint by numbers canvas from days gone by (do they still make these?) I can see how this would be the perfect project to keep kids or bored adults busy in any environment.
Your own Boxal can be purchased at the Nasher Sculpture Center Store at NorthPark or at the Sculpture Center. You can also check online at the Boxal site to find a location nearest you.

Wining and Dining at the Nasher Sculpture Center

Sometimes it's just to hot to cook at home, so last night I decided to let the Wolfgang Puck team at the Nasher Sculpture Center do it for me. They have a wonderful series titled 'Til Midnight at the Nasher, and as part of that you can order an amazing picnic basket of goodies and then enjoy it under the stars and amazing works of art. This was my second time to attend, and it's quickly a must attend event that I'm looking forward to every month. If you aren't a member of the Nasher you should be - besides getting invitations to special events it also gives you access to the members tent where this month they hosted an organic wine tasting that was wonderful.
Being a Lifestylist® is all about helping people live their lives with style, and I can't think of a better place to do that than here!

Lifestylist® Advisory: Sleep Experts Understands Their Customers

When I needed at mattress set at the last minute for a model home for Champion Homes of Texas in Tulsa, I wasn't sure where to go. The budgets for model homes don't leave a lot in the bedding category so I needed something cost effective that would look big and fluffy to the buyer. Fortunately I happened to drive past a Sleep Experts Store and a new love affair was formed.
Customer Service? This company really gets it. From the moment I entered the store to the moment I drove away from the dock I felt pampered. My sales person Kevin Harris could not have been more helpful and less threatening. When I went to pick up my set at the warehouse after they got my information they immediately inquired if I would like coffee or a bottled water. And the warehouse? Spotless. Clean, well organized, and I would have been very comfortable sleeping on any mattress in there.
The other great thing about Sleep Experts is that they really give back to the community. When people have their existing mattresses picked up, Sleep Experts have them reconditioned and donated to a charity.  The good that they do with this program can't be documented in words - it really has to be seen in person by the shelters and groups that have such a huge need for safe bedding.
If you are in a market that has a Sleep Expert Store, give them a try -you won't be disappointed.

Lifestylist® Advisory: Free Travel Resources From Yelp

One of my favorite new resources is - an online resource that can help you find restaurants, hotels, nightlife and shopping in your local area, or wherever you are traveling to. Members review and talk about stores and services and help you find where "the locals" go. I've tried this in several cities and have gotten great suggestions. One of the great things about traveling is getting to try new things, and with the yelp app on my iphone I'm good to go! It will also help you find the closest gas station and emergency services if you ever need them.
You can also also go directly to the reviews of a member you like or trust - please check out this Lifestylist's reviews on Yelp here.
This is another great resource that can help you save money and time when you are making your travel plans. Let me know what your profile is and I'll follow you as well!

Lifestylist® Concierge Services

The 4th of July definitely had new meaning for me this year after viewing Restrepo, and now when we celebrate I celebrate in thanks for all of the sacrifices our soldiers are making for us overseas. It also has made me appreciate my family even more, so this 4th of July was a meaningful celebration.
Since my parents are selling their beautiful lake home at Hideaway Lake this is probably the last 4th we will all celebrate there. After 20 years we have lots of great memories, but now it's time for someone else to enjoy it. Hideaway is the place to be for the 4th! A private lake and community, the 4th is celebrated with great food, competitions at the pool and of course the infamous boat parade. We've entered a lot of years and have never won but we sure have fun trying! This is a perfect example of the Lifestylist® movement - people enjoying their lives in style.
The fireworks this year were some of the best I've ever seen, and getting to view them from the boat with my family made it even more special. Happy 4th of July to all and remember how lucky we are to have the freedom that we do.

Lifestylist Advisory: Free Resources to Plan Your Vacation

The internet has made it so easy to research and book vacations, you really don't need the services of a paid professional to plan the trip of your dreams. For those of you who are occasional travelers, here are a few sites that I go to before I make any decisions. Prices are changing constantly so I usually a couple of them before I make a decision.
Travelocity I have an admission to make - I'm in love with a gnome. The Travelocity Gnome came to visit Savor Dallas this year and I had the best time showing him around. He really is a fun little guy, and the Travelocity site and services that he represents live up to his reputation.
If you are looking for packages, a place to be able to compare what different companies offer or just need some great advice, Travelocity is the site for you.  More often than not Travelocity finds me the best pricing for cars and hotels, and their package pricing can't be beat.
Southwest Airlines If Southwest flies to where you want to go you are lucky indeed. This no frills, practical airline gets you to where you want to go with a minimum of wasted time sitting in airports and in lines, and they are also one of the few airlines that doesn't charge an additional fee for luggage! Actually what's funny is that they started as a no frills airline but with all of the changes and added expenses many of the airlines charge now, you get a lot more for your money with Southwest. The employees of Southwest actually seem to love their jobs and because of this flying with them is a pleasant experience. They get you on the plane and serve you the beverage and a snack of your choice in record time.  Their rewards program is uncomplicated, and they offer great travel packages to most of the areas they travel to.
I've got a lot more resources to share with you, but this will give you a place to start. We love to hear about your experiences, and what you are looking for when you are researching the perfect event or travel site. Please feel free to contact us at: and let us know how we can be of assistance.

Restrepo: A Life Changing Film

I'm a huge believer that things happen for a reason. We may not know why at the time, but people, places, and events come into our lives because there's something we need to learn or change.
The USA Film Festival has been a part of my life for over 20 years - a good friend was in the film industry here in Dallas and got me involved. It's been a wonderful organization that my kids have grown up being a part of as well. We now have friends and memories that will last us a lifetime. When I got the screening notice for the USA Film Festival screening of Restrepo I was intrigued- not the type of film I would normally watch but worth taking an evening to stop working and go see. I had no idea how my life would change by this decision as it has with many of the other films I've been able to see as part of the festival.
If you haven't been fortunate enough to hear about this film, I'm honored to fill you in. Restrepo is a documentary about a platoon that is stationed at a 15 man outpost in one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan - Restrepo. What this film isn't about is politics. One of the reasons I love it so much is when I sat down in the theater I thought I'd be watching a film about a war, instead I was treated to a visual and emotional  rollercoaster which by the end had me experiencing every emotion and left me wanting to see the film again, and again, and again. I thought I could come home and write about what I saw, but it's been really hard to put into words my emotions about what I watched. I just can't stop thinking about the film and the men in it, but I consider that a great thing because it's made me re-evaluate lots of things in my own life.
Directors' Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger didn't shoot this on a sound stage, have a 100 million dollar budget or spend their time interviewing generals - they personally spent 14 months with the courageous men of Restrepo doing the filming and everything the soldiers do except guard duty and shooting back during firefights. This is what makes the film so special - they became a part of the troop and were able to capture the very personal side of war.
As a Lifestylist® I spend a lot of time listening and watching to understand the needs and lifestyles of the client. Watching the film and having the opportunity to meet some of these courageous men has given me an entirely new insight on the sacrifice the men and women of our military make for us every day. National Geographic Entertainment is presenting this film and the director's uncanny gift of showing you details that you normally would overlook but you'll now never forget reminds me of the style I love in their media. Bullet shells falling into the soldiers shoe during a gun fight, children in the middle of a burned out war zone in brightly colored clothes, soldiers struggling to carry on after losing one of their own, and most of all looking into the faces and eyes of these very brave men - many who don't even look old enough to drive but are protecting our country.
We were so honored to have director Tim Hetherington and two of the soldiers from Restrepo at the screening to share their thoughts and experiences with us. Respect is something that is earned, and you could tell that all of these men respected each other. Another thing I loved about the film was the way it portrayed the personal side of these men, and even though they were in a war zone they still loved to play practical jokes on each other and just laugh sometimes. USA Film Festival hosted a reception after the film and we were able to ask more questions and learn more about the film and the people. During the Q&A a woman stood up that has a husband stationed in Afghanistan right now, and she said that she wished that every soldier's family member could view the film. It helped her understand what her husband is dealing with on a daily basis.
Restrepo isn't a big budget, big studio film, but it has a story that needs to be seen and told. Show your support and help get this important message out by joining the Restrepo Facebook page and by letting your local movie theaters know that this is a film you want to have come to their venue.
I had mentioned that Restrepo is a life changer, and for me it has been. From now on when I see someone who is serving I'm going to thank them for serving and protecting myself and my country. There is so much we take for granted, and I'm going to try and change that in my own life. With this being the 4th of July weekend Restrepo has given me a lot of think about and be thankful for.