Clueless About Customer Service: IKEA's Delivery Service

It always amazes me how one person with the wrong attitude can completely ruin an entire customer experience.
Lifestylist® Design is in the middle of the XTreme Model Home Challenge with Champion Homes of Texas, and I'm trying to design 4 model homes in less than a week on very tight budgets. I worked all weekend trying to get things in place and was thrilled when I discovered the IKEA website and how consumer-friendly they had made finding what you wanted online. You could create a shopping list, check stock at your local store and then print out a shopping list letting you even know what aisle the products could be found on. Everyone was really helpful, I got everything to the front of the store and arranged for delivery today and we were good to go!
Or so I thought, until I received a call from Angie with Advanced Delivery who handles all of IKEA's deliveries at least at the Frisco, TX store. This was at 7pm and she called to tell me my furniture would be delivered at 7:30pm. Not good news considering the delivery was to a place of business that closed at 5pm and I was told they would call and give me a 4 hr window of when it would be delivered. Angie pretty let me know it was my problem (she kept talking over me so I didn't have a chance to let her know what my issues where) and I'd have to deal with IKEA.
IKEA is always so customer focused, even though I know Advanced is a third party service I'm surprised IKEA would let a company that is so unprofessional represent them - especially when this is a company that will be going out to their customers homes.
Next time I think I'll go back to renting a Penske Truck and just doing it myself - at least then I know it will be delivered as promised.

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